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Classes I Teach

At Bethany Theological Seminary I teach a variety of classes in Theology, Ecotheology, and Theology and the Arts. Many of my classes support the Masters of Arts in Theopoetics and Writing, Bethany's joint masters degree with Earlham School of Religion.


  • Justice, Art, and Peace

  • Introduction to Theological Reflection

  • MA Formation

  • Theological and Artistic Understandings of Jesus

  • Theology of Place and the Built Environment


  • Christian Themes in the Gallery, Contemporary Images in the Church

  • Ecological Theology and Christian Responsibility

  • Introduction to Theological Reflection 

  • Narrative Theology and the Christian Imagination

  • Spirituality and Poetry: The Sabbath Poetry of Wendell Berry

Classes for Brethren Academy:

  • Preacher as Theologian (Fall 2022)

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